for 1 day
MIN 10 USD / MAX 100 USD
principal returned
no compound
for 2 day
MIN 100 USD / MAX 1000 USD
principal returned
no compound
for 5 days
MIN 1000 USD / MAX Unlinited
principal returned
no compound
deposit amount:
Daily rate:
investment plan:
deposit term:
total profit: offers our clients four investment portfolios that provide a daily income at variable interest rate that depends on the amount of investment. The conditions of these investment portfolios is the payment of a stable daily interest throughout the whole investment period where initial deposit is returned after investment plan expire.
You can choose any investment plan with the rate of income from 2% to 6% on a daily basis with a deposit from $10 to $20,000. As a payment instrument, we accept the most common electronic systems such as Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Advanced Cash.
Your deposit will be credited immediately after sending a payment. The exception will be deposit through Bitcoin which requires a minimum of 3 network confirmations. Accruals of profits are every 24 hours after the addition of deposit.
You can withdraw profit as soon as your balance is more than $0.01. To get paid, you need to make a request, which will be processed instantly.
You can withdraw profits using only the same payment system that you have used to make a deposit. guarantees timely accrual of profits as well as return of your assets at the end of the period.

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